Thursday, July 23, 2009

Glass Tile in Bathrooms and Beyond......

Here in Florida we install all sorts of tile sizes, textures, colors and makes.
Porcelain, Ceramic & travertine being the most widely used.

One of the trickiest tile to set would be the Glass Tile. Glass tile are tricky
due to numerous setting reasons as you will see when researching a tile contractor. I would recommend you select a Tile Contractor that is
familiar with setting Glass Tile.

Glass Tile are being used in the Bathroom on the walls and floors
as accent bands and deco's. shower floors, back splashes, pools

Glass floor tiles are usually set on a crack membrane with a white,
fast setting & flexible thinset. You need to set them so there are
no pockets of air trapped under the tiles. An uneven install with
pockets will eventually crack the tiles when they are walked on.

A normal glass tile is no different from polished porcelain in terms of
C.O.F.. Like any gloss tile glass tiles are usually slippery when wet.
If small a format (1 × 1") tiles are used on floors the frequent grout lines
create texture that will slightly inhibit slippage and add more C.O.F..

Glass tile manufacturers Villiglas, Interstyle, Oceanside and Vetrotile
all manufacture glass floor tiles that are made with a textured surface
that provides a high Coefficient Of Friction.

The use of Glass Tile is becoming more popular and discussed more
on Tile Help Forums these days like the John Bridge Tile Forum.

one of the best ways and my favorite way to set glass tile here in Florida
is by using the Laticrete one-step method for setting Glass Tile.

this will consists of using the Laticrete Sanded Grout (1500 Series)
mixed with Laticrete 4237 Latex Thin-Set Mortar Additive.

There is a wide variety of Glass Tile finishes to choose from like glossy, iridescent, etched, metallic or printed, and textures like flat, rippled, relief
or dimpled. And also tile sizes from 1", 2", 4", 5", 6", 8" and even large sized
glass tile 12" up to 24" in size.

with new manufacturing techniques glass tile continues to advance with variations in textures, styles & colors and continue to in the years to come.

So no matter what size, style or color of Glass Tile you choose I'm sure
you will love coming home to the new area you have transformed.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Accessible Handicap Shower.....

I just wanted to post this video documentary that the homeowners
emailed me of them and their child.

An Unexpected Gift

after seeing the documentary I am very happy to have done this
special tile job and shower waterproofing for them and Caleb.

I worked my hardest to give them what they wanted
and tried my best to make it perfect.

this was the accessible shower I just built for them.............

there was mold and a rotted sub floor under old laminate floor.
the one piece tub was cut and removed. mold was cleaned up.

joists were cut to make new area lower.
joists were also sistered on both side

Kerdi drain was set to proper height.
new shower sub floor was installed, glued and nailed.
tar paper and metal lath were install prior to mudbed.

Schluter Kerdi was done on the shower walls.
the shower mud bed was packed along with the Ditra.

Kerdi was installed on the shower floor.
wall tile was laid out and started to install.

1x1 shower floor tile laid out to the Kerdi drain.
shower floor tile set with unmodified thinset.

12x12 main floor tile set flush with shower floor.

Grouted & Complete

A letter from the homeowners:

Dear Brian,

Thank you so much for a job well done!
We were impressed with your work from the time we found your website,
during the process, and upon completion.
Your attention to detail and craftsmanship were evident throughout.
You are a true professional.
You ensured quality and integrity, and we believe you delivered.
It was truly a pleasure to meet you and work with you!

Scott & Tammy Hutchison & the little cookie monsters :)


Friday, July 3, 2009

Barrier Free, Accessible, Curbless, Roll In Shower.....

These showers are becoming increasingly popular with older people who
don't feel like or cant step over a curb. Some homeowners even want it for the smooth style flowing look. Or the most important reason for building one is a child, elderly or loved one who is handicapped. In any of these cases someone can benefit by having a low curb or barrier free accessible shower.

I have built curbless, roll in, barrier free accessible showers for over 15 years.
more so in Hotels where required by ADA code they need to have available some showers for the Handicap on the first floor.

the waterproofing is tricky with these types of showers and I have come
to like working with Schluter Kerdi & Ditra. the Kerdi Drain is amazing.
and also Laticrete's Hydroban and Custom's RedGard both a great
liquid membrane to work with.

I could guarantee my showers using
one of these product for years.

Like this Custom Roll-In Shower:

Or this 3" Low Curb shower: