Friday, June 12, 2009

I cant say enough good things about Laticrete's SpectraLock Epoxy grout...

I have been using Laticrete products now off & on for nearly 20 years.
But I cant say enough about the SpectraLock grout.

Yeah cement grouts have came a long way with TEC's Accucolor, Custom's Prism and Laticrete's PermaColor.

But when you want to get right down to it and make sure you have a 100% stain proof grout, you need to go with SpectraLock. It's by far is the best epoxy grout
I have used.

Even with all the horror stories of the epoxies being a pain to get off and
with the haze, it isn't much of a factor with the SpectraLock.



  1. Hi Ceramictec,
    that is a great looking floor and with the spectralock grout it is stain proof ?
    I live near Tampa and Orlando and want my floor to look like that.
    I will email you.
    thanks for this great post.

    Anna :D

  2. great looking floor !

    Tim - ATL